Grey board S / sheet stock

acid-free archivl board - smooth

Format: 75 x 105 cm (LG) | Thickness in mm: 2,0
Product information "Grey board S / sheet stock"
Acid-free bookbinder's grey board made 100 % recycled paper
  • Sheet weight (in kgs) : approx. 1.1
  • Version : full-size sheet
  • Buffered : Alkaline buffer
  • Ecological features : manufactured following DIN ISO 9706, complies with the norms of DIN ISO 16245:2012 Type B, non-hazardous to food

FSC® Recycled Credit / GFA-COC-002160

Application: for the production of hardcover book cases (panels and spine)

LG = grain direction long grain | SG = grain direction short grain

The half-sheet size is available as of 1 sheet.

Other sizes may be trimmed to size (up to 2 mm thickness) according to your requirements.

Precut goods may not be returned and are not exchanged.

For buying in kilograms - as of 25 kgs - please use this link 19500020 and choose the required thickness.

Properties of "Grey board S / sheet stock"
Sheet weight (in kgs): approx. 1.1
Colour: grey
Surface & Texture
Surface: glossy
Texture: smooth
Technical details
Buffered: Alkaline buffer
Buffered: Alkaline buffer
Grammage: 1350 gsm
Material: 100 % recycled paper
pH value: 8,3
Finished products
Finished products: book covers, photobooks, photo albums, menus, diaries, file folders, folders, slip cases, packagings, desk pads
Other properties
Category: Bookbinders grey board, Collection and exhibition supplies, Eterno Board, Restoration
Certification: FSC®
Ecological features: acid-free, complies with the norms of DIN ISO 16245:2012 Type B, manufactured following DIN ISO 9706, non-hazardous to food
Minimum order quantity: as of 1 sales unit
Sales unit (sheets): 23
Version: full-size sheet

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Our standard archival board is not conservation grade (it is not lignin-free / certified according to DIN ISO 16245 Type A), but only DIN ISO 16245 Type B, and should not be used in direct contact with the documents to be protected without additional inner packaging. Our Eterno Board is lignin-free and DIN ISO 16245 Type A (


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Grey board S / sheet stock
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