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Sample card Capra goatskin

Type S-H1 Binding leather

Product information "Sample card Capra goatskin"

Often it is difficult to show all the nuances of a material in pictures. Therefore, we have started early to make sample cards for many of our materials themselves. With the help of this sample card for Capra goatskin, we give you an overview of our materials. You also have the opportunity to see and feel the different materials in reality. Often it is only through this that you can ensure that the material is the right one for your project.

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Properties of "Sample card Capra goatskin"
Technical details
Type: S-H1 Capra goat skin
Other properties
Type: S-H1 Capra goat skin

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Goatskin Type Capra
pre-skived skins for bookbinding

Variants from €34.15*
"Capra" goatskin - Grade II
pre-skived skins for bookbinding

Variants from €30.73*
Asian style leather-paring knife
with rigid blade - Total length: approx. 12 cm

From €6.65*
Leather scissors
with strong blades
Total length (in mm) [2] : 180, 210
Grind [1] : for righthanders

Variants from €21.50*
Leather-paring stone, one side ground
Dimensions: approx. 300 x 400 x 40 mm

From €103.98*
Schärffix® leather paring device, skiving tool
to be fixed to the worktop

Variants from €249.00*
Sample book
for binding materials

Sample book, complete
with all sample cards


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