Eterno Board / kilo stock

acid-free solid board

Product information "Eterno Board / kilo stock"
Steel blue, non-ageing archival board in premium quality
  • Grain : long grain
  • Colour : steel blue
  • Certification : non-ageing as per ISO 9706, P.A.T. passed according to ISO 14523

Application: for high-quality long-term archival storage in archives and museums

MOQ: 25 kgs
For small quantities (sold by the sheet), please use item no. 20055XXX and/or 20056XXX.

After selling our stocks, we may no longer supply Eterno Board. An alternative (also ageing resistant according to ISO 16245-A) in material thicknesses 1.4 and 2.0 mm is available here: Item 20000020

Properties of "Eterno Board / kilo stock"
Colour: steel blue
Surface & Texture
Grain: long grain
Surface: matt
Texture: rough
Technical details
Buffered: calcium carbonate, alkaline reserve 2 - 4 %
Kappa number: < 5
Buffered: calcium carbonate, alkaline reserve 2 - 4 %
Grammage: 250 gsm
Material: 100 % cellulose
pH value: 7,5 - 9,5
Finished products
Finished products: slip cases, boxes, packagings
Other properties
Category: Collection and exhibition supplies, Eterno Board, Preservation and prevention
Certification: P.A.T. passed according to ISO 14523, non-ageing as per ISO 9706
Ecological features: acid-free, chlorine-free bleached, not laminated, without optical brighteners, wood-free
Minimum order quantity: as of 25 kgs
Sales unit (kgs): 25

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Bonjour, nous facturons le prix de la découpe en fonction du travail effectué. Pour 25 kg, cela représente environ 3x 5 minutes à 5,95 EUR hors TVA, soit un total de 17,85 EUR hors TVA.


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