Filmolux libre organic - bio-based PE protection film

self-adhesive, glossy, reduced initial adhesion

Width (in mm): 300
Product information "Filmolux libre organic - bio-based PE protection film"

Filmolux® libre organic is the eco-friendly solution for all your book protection needs! This innovative product is made from over 50% organic PE and is not only good for the environment, but also good for you. Unlike conventional polyethylene, filmolux® libre organic is made from renewable resources, helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to a greener planet.

The 90 µm thick book protection film has all the performance characteristics of conventional petrochemical polyethylene, but has the added benefit of being made from a bio-based material. It is 100% recyclable, burns completely to CO2 and H2O, and contains no plasticizers or heavy metals, making it safe to use.

filmolux® libre organic is produced in compliance with REACH and is APEO- and BPA-free, thus meeting the highest standards for health and safety. The adhesive and film used are also plasticizer-free, making it a truly sustainable solution.

Bonding filmolux® libre organic is child's play thanks to its low initial adhesion. Small film defects can also be easily corrected on smooth surfaces, making it a convenient and practical alternative for protecting your books.

Applictions: Surface protection against soiling, dust and damages. Ideal for smooth surfaces, e. g. paperbacks, comics, brochures, folders etc.

Properties of "Filmolux libre organic - bio-based PE protection film"
Core Ø (in mm): 40
Format: on rolls
Roll length (in m): 25
Thickness in mm: 0,09
Colour: crystal-clear
Surface & Texture
Surface: glossy
Adhesive properties
Adhesion: permanent, 10 min: > 3 N/25 mm - 24 h: > 6,3 N/25 mm, reduced inital adhesion
Adhesive: polyacrylate dispersion
Grammage: 80 gsm
Material: polyethylene film, 3 layers, made of renewable BRASKEM sugar cane LDPE
pH value: approx. 7
Finished products
Finished products: book covers, folders, brochures, drawings
Other properties
Category: Filmolux, Protection films
Certification: Antibacterial effect according to ISO 22196
Ecological features: APEO and BPA-free, UV protection, non-ageing, permanently elastic, plasticizer-free, produced according to REACH, solvent-free, wipeable
Minimum order quantity: as of 1 roll

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Nein, filmolux® libre organic enthält keine Weichmacher oder Schwermetalle. Auch der verwendete Klebstoff und die Folie sind frei von Weichmachern.
Ja, filmolux® libre organic hat die gleichen Anwendungs- und Leistungseigenschaften wie petrochemisches Polyethylen.
Ja, filmolux® libre organic hat eine geringere Anfangshaftung und lässt sich aufgrund des aufgedruckten Rasters leicht verarbeiten. Kleine Fehler können auch auf glatten Oberflächen leicht korrigiert werden.
Die von Ihnen gewählte Buchschutzfolie (Filmolux Libre Organic) schützt vor UV-Strahlung. Sie können bei anderen Buchschutzfolien unter "Eigenschaften" auf der Produktseite "Sonstige Eigenschaften / Ökologische Eigenschaften" prüfen, ob diese auch vor UV-Strahlen schützen oder alternativ auf der Kategorie-Seite nach der Ökologischen Eigenschaft "UV-Schutz" filtern.

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Filmolux - self-adhesive protection film
glossy, crystal-clear, with reduced initial adhesion
Width (in mm) [11] : 220, 240, 260, 280, 300, 320, 340, 360, 410, 620, 1240
Variants from €31.14*
Squeegee, made of wood, with felt edge
16 cm wide

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from €7.42* to €7.55*
Squeegee, made of felt, white
with 45° angle at one long side
Dimensions [2] : 130 x 70 x 8 mm, 75 x 45 x 8 mm
Variants from €3.19*
Bonefolder, pointed
one end pointed, one end rounded
Total length (in mm) [8] : 100, 120, 140, 150, 160, 180, 200, 220
Variants from €3.28*