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Goatskin Type Capra

pre-skived skins for bookbinding

Colour: 002 - burgundy
Product information "Goatskin Type Capra"
Capra goatskin is a crome-tanned split-grain leather dyed with aniline. With an average skin size of approx. 0.6 m² it is pre-skived to a thickness of approx. 0.4 - 0.5 mm.

Application: for producing high-quality books with a genuine leather cover or restoring leather-bound books

Leather skins are natural products and therefore vary a lot in size and shape. Therefore the final quantity cannot be determined in advance. The information given is based on average values only. In case of order, the final quantity (in sqm or sft) and thereby the final sum is subject to change!

Please additionally state the cut-out size you require (max. size possible approx. 65 x 45 cm) so that we may choose the appropriate skin size.

Properties of "Goatskin Type Capra"
Material thickness (in mm): 0,4 - 0,5 (pre-skived)
Size: approx. 0,5 - 0,6 m² (average)
Surface & Texture
Surface: Aniline-dyed, crome-tanned
Technical details
Type: Split grain leather
Material: Goatskin, grain
Finished products
Finished products: book covers, photobooks, photo albums, diaries, packagings
Other properties
Category: Binding leather, Restoration
Finishing / Printability: Hot-foil stamping, Blind embossing
Minimum order quantity: as of 1 skin

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In general, the pre-skived leather can be processed without additional leather-paring. For the best end result, you can thin out the edges and the joints a little bit with the help of a leather-paring knife. However, if you do that, I would recommend to work slowly to not take too much off and risk cutting through the leather.
Our Capra line leathers are not vegetable-tanned, they are dyed using acrylics. If you are looking for vegetable-tanned leather, we can offer our Oase line leathers ( https://schmedt.com/art/3520-011 ).

Order sample card for Goatskin Type Capra

We know how important it is to see and feel materials live - that's why we offer samples for most of our materials already pre-made on sample cards. On these sample cards you will find all textures and shades for the respective material. Just click on the banner below to go directly to the respective sample card.


Sample card Capra goatskin
Type S-H1 Binding leather

In stock, deliverable at short notice


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