Grey board, superior quality / pre-cut sheets

both sides strongly glazed - high rigidity

Format: 209 x 303 mm | Grain: long grain
Product information "Grey board, superior quality / pre-cut sheets"
  • Material thickness (in mm) : 2,0
  • Sales unit : 100 pcs

Application: for the production of hardcover book cases (panels and spine)

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Properties of "Grey board, superior quality / pre-cut sheets"
Format: Blanks
Material thickness (in mm): 2,0
Colour: grey
Surface & Texture
Surface: glossy, silk gloss
Texture: smooth
Grammage: 2000 gsm
Material: 100 % recycled paper, class 1.02
pH value: 7
Finished products
Finished products: book covers, photobooks, photo albums, menus, diaries, file folders, folders, slip cases, packagings, desk pads
Other properties
Category: Bookbinders grey board
Minimum order quantity: as of 1 sales unit
Sales unit: 100 pcs

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