Luminous film, white - set with inverter

Electroluminescent sheet light

Dimensions: 148 x 210 mm
Product information "Luminous film, white - set with inverter"
with high and even light density and homogenity.
For use in paper conservation (e. g. in bound books). Fabric structures and watermarks are shown precisely. High mobility thanks to its low weight.
  • Format : for DIN A5
  • Material thickness (in mm) : 0,8
  • Ecological features : waterproof, temperature-resistant

+++ Made in Germany +++

Properties of "Luminous film, white - set with inverter"
Format: for DIN A5
Thickness in mm: 0,8
Technical details
Additional feature: "Made in Germany"
Technical specifications: Sine-wave voltage: 400 - 2000 Hz, flicker-free, high, even luminance, Operating voltage: AC 40 - 160 V, Bending radius: 15 cm
Material: Electroluminescent film
Other properties
Category: Collection and exhibition supplies, Light sources, Preservation and prevention, Restoration
Additional feature: "Made in Germany"
Ecological features: temperature-resistant, waterproof
Minimum order quantity: as of 1 piece

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