Rubber cord with metal barbs for folders

Thread length between barbs: 32 cm

Colour: 107 - black/yellow
Product information "Rubber cord with metal barbs for folders"
Round elastic cord, braided, approx. 2 mm thick, with metal T barbs on both ends
Packed in bags of 20 and/or 100 pcs.

Application: for closing books, diaries, folders, files, menus etc.

Special lengths are available from 50 - 590 mm length.
Minimum order quantities:
Standard colours: 100 pcs per colour and length.
Metallic colours (silver and gold) 1000 pcs per colour and length.
Prices by request.

Properties of "Rubber cord with metal barbs for folders"
Length (in mm): 320 (between the barbs)
Thickness in mm: 2,0
Surface & Texture
Surface: nickel-plated
Material: Metal, Rubber, braided
Other properties
Category: Rubber cord
Ecological features: elastic
Minimum order quantity: as of 1 bag
Sales unit: Bag of 20 and 100 pcs

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