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Gudy 831 Fine Art Smooth - double-sided tape

acid-free, white paper fleece, very high adhesion

Roll Length (in m): 50 | Width (in mm): 1220
Product information "Gudy 831 Fine Art Smooth - double-sided tape"
White, double-sided, 44 µ thick, long-fibre paper with very strong adhesion with a water-based, solvent-free polyacrylate adhesive. It is the perfect solution for professional mounting of light, low textured fine art and art papers on different rigid mounting boards. It is APEO and BPA free and produced according to REACH regulations.
  • Ecological features : non-ageing
  • Certification : P.A.T. passed according to ISO 18916

Application: for indoor use
mounting film for photos, inkjet- and digital prints on several surfaces, ideal for Forex boards, very easy manual application

Properties of "Gudy 831 Fine Art Smooth - double-sided tape"
Core Ø (in mm): 76
Format: on rolls
Material thickness (in mm): 0,044
Colour: white
Surface & Texture
Surface: both sides self-adhesive
Adhesive properties
Adhesion: 10 min: > 8,2 N/25 mm - 24 h: > 15 N/25 mm, very strong, 10 min: > 7,2 N/25 mm - 24 h: > 15 N/25 mm
Adhesive: polyacrylate dispersion
Grammage: 12.3 gsm
Material: Long-fibred paper
pH value: approx. 7
Finished products
Finished products: drawings, photos, inkjet and digital print media
Other properties
Category: Film carrier, Gudy
Certification: P.A.T. passed according to ISO 18916
Ecological features: APEO and BPA-free, non-ageing, permanently elastic, produced according to REACH, solvent-free
Minimum order quantity: as of 1 roll

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January 11, 2021 00:00

Bewertung Schmedt24.de

was soll man sagen, erste Güte

November 26, 2020 00:00

Bewertung Schmedt24.de

sehr gut für maschinelle und manuelle Verarbeitung

August 10, 2020 00:00

Bewertung Schmedt24.de

Sehr stabil beim Verarbeiten !!!

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Nous recommandons Gudy 831 Fine Art Smooth (https://www.schmedt.fr/art/3345-061) pour ces travaux.
Gudy 831 hat einen Träger bei dem auf beiden Seiten der Klebstofffilm aufgebracht ist. Bei Scotch 904 fehlt dieser Träger, wo der Klebstoff aufgebracht ist - hier ist lediglich ein Klebstofffilm vorhanden. Scotch 904 kann daher nur mit einem Abroller aufgetragen werden, wohingegen Gudy 831 auch manuell benutzt werden kann.