Solution for getting started with hardcover production

For entry-level hardcover book production, manual production is too time-consuming and a fully automated solution is too cost-intensive. With our modular XS series, consisting of the PräDeka cover making solution, the PräLeg XS casing-in machine and the PräForm XS book press, we offer the perfect solution for a machine-based entry. Compact, affordable and of the highest quality.

Entry into hardcover case-making

Our entry-level solution (up to 70 pieces per hour) for hardcover case-making consists of the PräDeka system (combination of the PräDeck and PräKant, which can also be purchased separately). These are space-saving tabletop machines that enable production with changing formats and in small batches, while maintaining consistently high quality. The PräDeka system can be expanded to include the PräziCoat gluing machine shown in the picture and an automatic water supply with the PräVis.

Entry-level solution for high-quality hardcovers

Proven casing-in combination PräLeg and PräForm in XS: compact and powerful

Our XS variants of the PräLeg and PräForm impress with their small form factor and favourable price, making them an excellent choice especially for small businesses and newcomers to the hardcover sector.

Together, the two machines have an output of around 80 books per hour, despite their small footprint, and can process books up to 310mm x 310mm (note: the PräLeg XS alone is a little more productive than the PräForm XS, with 100 books per hour).