There is nothing that cannot be glued. However, bookbinding is mainly about gluing paper and cardboard. But even with these two product groups, the demands on the adhesive are very diverse. The decisive factors here are the materials to be glued (can moisture diffuse, printed or unprinted, coated, smooth, coated) the type of use (machine or manual, hot or cold), other environmental variables (temperature, humidity, pressure) and individual preferences such as wet time. To reflect the complexity of requirements in our range, we offer a large portfolio of adhesives: White glue, cold glue, dispersion glue, animal glue, paste, fish glue, hot glue, hotmelt, starch, PUR, synthetic resin glue, pellets, gelatine. They are used as casing-in glue, laminating glue, block-binding glue, general glue. To help navigate through the complexity, we have created a adhesive guide in which we explain terminology and match the different adhesives to applications.

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Filter cloth for glue production
made of inert PE, Size: 41 x 41 cm

In stock, deliverable at short notice

from €7.20* to €7.88*
Rabbit-hide glue, granulated
for conservation & preservation

In stock, deliverable at short notice

from €10.85* to €12.25*
Hide glue powder
for conservation & preservation

Available, delivery time 2-3 weeks

from €10.38* to €11.94*