Hardcover Days 2023
21. & 22. April 2023 in Hamburg
Filing rings
Hinged filing rings connect loose sheets, sample swatches etc. and also make it ready to be hung up. May also be used as key ring. Available in different diameters.
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Filing rings
with hinge, nickel-plated
Diameter (in mm) [8] : approx. 13 (inner), approx. 19 (inner), approx. 25 (inner), approx. 32 (inner), approx. 38 (inner), approx. 51 (innner), approx. 63 (inner), approx. 76 (inner)

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Filing rings with hinge, nickel-plated
approx. 51 mm Ø (inner) - simple quality

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Content: 1 Stück (€6.96* / 100 Stück)

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