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Looking back at Hardcover Days 2023

Visitors immersed themselves in the world of bookbinding, engaged in lively discussions and celebrated awards. Here you can find the highlights for the Hardcover Days 2023.

Notebooks for a good cause

Successful fundraising campaign at "BuchDruckKunst" for the benefit of ARCHE-Billstedt


From 31 March to 2 April 2023, the popular BuchDruckKunst fair took place in Hamburg-Barmbek. Lovers of books, print art and design came together to share their passion for art and creativity and do some good at the same time.

Hunkeler Innovationdays 2023

Hunkeler Innovationdays 2023 - Visit the global meeting place for digital print media production in Lucerne. Meet decision makers, executives and experts from over 100 nations. Register now and visit us at our booth.

Innovative material: SIDRA apple leather

Soft, water-repellent and robust - SIDRA apple leather offers several advantages over traditional leather. Discover the charm of this sustainable material and learn more about SIDRA Apple Leather and its special features here.

Washi Tape: The creative and versatile tape for DIY enthusiasts

Discover the creative possibilities of Washi Tape: give your projects that special touch and get inspired.

iBookBinding x Schmedt: Podcast & new tools

Summer 2022, Hamburg - Schmedt goes Podcast. In the new iBookBinding podcast we talk about the beginnings of the family business, from the small workshop in the stable to the launch of our new website. A lot has happened in the last 100 years. Listen in and find out what's in store for the future!

Fancy Canvas | Book cloth - Colour 005 - blue fluorescent - for book covers, albums, photobooks, diaries, notebooks, file folders, boxes, pa... - image-2

Matte coating meets vibrant colors

Our new Fancy Canvas book cloth is a coated cotton fabric with a matte coating. The fabric captivates with its eight unique, vibrant colors.

Generating added value with printed book edges

In today's printing market, it is essential to offer customers special types of finishing. Individualization and personalization are more important than ever. One special form of book finishing has recently become increasingly important and is in demand from many customers: printing on book edges.

New, environmentally friendly marbling dyes: AscoColor eco

We are expanding our portfolio of marbling dyes under the AscoColor eco brand, with a focus on environmental compatibility.

New coarse fabric : Tosco

Tosco is a cloth consisting of 100% cotton with natural coarse structure. Despite its coarse structure, the fabric feels velvety soft. It is very robust and resilient and with 250 g/m² decidedly light. So if you are looking for a new, special material for your book project, you should definitely take a closer look at Tosco.

New iridescent cloth : Palast

Our new book cloth Palast is a real eye-catcher with its shimmering and iridescent surface in the light. The material changes depending on the incidence of light - in any case, an interesting play of colors is created. The material is made of synthetic fiber, which makes it very easy to care for and it hardly shows any signs of wear.

New cloth with crinkled surface

Our new book cloth Crinkle has a special crinkled, matte surface. This crinkle look gives the material a unique appearance. At the same time, the material is very supple and easy to work with. What we would not have expected: with a little practice, the material can be embossed quite well.

Leather for bookbinding: An overview

In this blog post we look at leather for bookbinding. How did leather come to be used in bookbinding? What is needed to make books with leather bindings? What is the proper care of book leather? How can books with leather bindings be decorated and personalised?

Old craftsmanship meets modern technology

Sarah Stahl has been the owner of the Cologne bookbindery Mensch since 2010. At the end of November 2019, the master bookbinder put the new PräLeg XS casing-in machine and the PräForm XS for pressing in books from Schmedt into operation. In the interview, she reveals what prompted her to take this step and describes her experiences.