Services for material customers

We offer a cutting service and material sample dispatch for our material customers. On request, we cut cloth, paper and cardboard according to your specifications. We provide you with samples for most of our materials, so that you know in advance how the material looks and feels live.

Material samples Cutting service

Material samples

We know how important it is to see and feel materials live - that's why we offer samples for most of our materials already prefabricated on sample cards. Individual samples are also possible, just contact us!

Sample book
for binding materials

Available, delivery time 1-3 days

Sample book, complete
all sample cards + catalogue marbled / decorated papers

Available, delivery time 0-2 days

Sample card Non-wovens
Type S-G3 Technical materials 3/3

In stock, deliverable at short notice

Sample card Alsace N and Alsace G
Type S-E6 uncoated binding cloth

In stock, deliverable at short notice

Sample card Bookmark
Type S-L1 Page-marking ribbon, premium quality

In stock, deliverable at short notice

Sample card Buckingham, Chelsea, Balmoral
Type S-F2 Binding cloth with coated surface

In stock, deliverable at short notice

Sample card Calico, map cloth, crepe paper
Type S-G1 Technical materials 1/3

In stock, deliverable at short notice

Sample card Capra goatskin
Type S-H1 Binding leather

In stock, deliverable at short notice

Sample card Digital Print Cloth
Type S-E0 Printable cloth

In stock, deliverable at short notice

Sample card Englisch Buckram Matt, Metallic, Neon
Type S-F1c Binding cloth with coated surface

In stock, deliverable at short notice


Cutting service

You want your cloth pre-cut in strips at the desired height or the roll cut in half? Would you like to have your grey board or paper already delivered in finished panels? On request, we can cut cloth, paper and cardboard to your specifications at a reasonable price. Just tell us the format and the grain direction and we'll get started. You can simply add the relevant information as a comment in the checkout process when ordering. Should there be any need for clarification or queries, we will get back to you.

For roll goods we charge set-up costs of 5.00 EUR (for quantities < 1 roll) and per running metre between 20 and 60 cents (depending on effort). For sheet material we charge 8.95 EUR per 5 minutes or part thereof. We cut in-house, so we can process orders quickly for material we have in stock. If you have any questions about our service or would like to request a quote, please contact us!

What does grain direction mean and why is it so important?

In the industrial production of papers and cloths with paper lamination, the fibres align themselves in the direction of production, the so-called grain direction. Papers produced in this way stretch less in the grain direction than across the grain direction. In addition, they are easier to bend in the grain direction.

In book production, the fibres, i.e. the grain direction, should always run parallel to the spine of the book so that rippling is avoided and the book can be opened easily. In addition, the grain direction is also important in further processing, e.g. folding. Here the grain direction should also be parallel to the fold.

With regard to grain direction, a distinction is made between short grain and long grain. With long grain, the fibres run parallel to the longer side; with short grain, they run parallel to the shorter side.

Short grain(SG)Long grain(LG)Long grain(LG)Short grain(SG)Grain direction

Cutting of roll or sheet material

Cloth, paper, cardboard (up to max. 2.5 mm material thickness) and many other materials on rolls and in sheets can be cut to size according to your requirements. Here are a few examples:

Cut roll material into full strips

H (Height) x FW (Full Width)


Cut roll material into strips and cut in half

H (Height) x 1/2 FW (Full Width)

H1/2 FW

Cut to size

H (Height) x W (Width) + Long Grain


Splitting roll goods

We can also split most of the materials we offer in rolls. Either in narrow rolls of the same width or according to your specifications. This service is often requested for cloth, paper, technical material such as gauze or schirting and hot stamping foils.