Hardcover Days 2023
21. & 22. April 2023 in Hamburg

Combined endsheets for publisher-quality hardcover books

With our combined endsheets (combined, folded endpapers, joined with a gauze strip) you can produce publisher-quality hardcover book blocks on your perfect binder - just as easily as you produce a softcover.

Table of contents:

  1. All standard combined endsheets
  2. Endpaper - essential, but often neglected
  3. What are combined endsheets?
  4. Easy to process like a soft cover
  5. Various end products
  6. We speak from experience
  7. Advantages at a glance
  8. Video: PräziCover in production

Standard combined endsheets

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PräziCover Tab - tabbed endsheets
Folded endsheet with 3 mm wide tab
Colour [2] : chamois, black

Variants from €0.14*
PräziCover Tab - tabbed endsheets | bright white
folded endsheet with 3 mm tab
Format [2] : DIN A4 portrait, DIN A4 landscape

Variants from €0.15*
PräziCover - bright white, smooth
Combined endsheets

Variants from €0.25*
PräziCover - bright white, smooth - FSC® quality
Combined endsheets / DIN A4 portrait
Block thickness (in mm) [11] : 0,5 - 1,5, 1,6 - 4,5, 4,6 - 7,5, 7,6 - 10,5, 10,6 - 13,5, 13,6 - 16,5, 16,6 - 19,5, 19,6 - 22,5, 22,6 - 25,5, 25,6 - 28,5, 39,6 - 43,5

Variants from €0.36*
PräziCover Combined Endsheets - bright white, laid
Size (WxH): 168 x 230 mm (A5 portrait)
Block thickness (in mm) [3] : 28,6 - 32,5, 32,6 - 36,5, 36,6 - 40,5

Variants from €0.10*
PräziCover - natural white, wove
Combined endsheets / DIN A4 portrait

In stock, deliverable at short notice

Content: 1 Stück (€150.00* / 1000 Stück)

PräziCover - natural white, laid
Combined endsheets

Variants from €0.25*
PräziCover - coloured, smooth
Combined endsheets / DIN A4 portrait
Colour [5] : black, grey, red, dark blue, dark green
Block thickness (in mm) [4] : 1,6 - 4,5, 4,6 - 7,5, 7,6 - 10,5, 10,6 - 13,5

Variants from €0.55*
PräziCover - bright white, wove
Combined endsheets / DIN A4 portrait
Block thickness (in mm) [5] : 19,6 - 22,5, 22,6 - 25,5, 32,6 - 36,5, 48,6 - 52,5, 1,0 - 3,0

Variants from €0.20*

Endpaper - essential, but often neglected

The endpaper is an essential part of a bound book and its function is crucial for the visual accents, durability and resistance of the hardcover. Genuine endpapers are folded sheets that create the hinge function between the book block and the book cover. Without a genuine endpaper, this hard-wearing connection is missing, which greatly reduces the quality of the book. To enable the production of hardcover book blocks ready for casing-in on commercially available perfect binders in a single operation, we produce the combined endsheets PräziCover from genuine endpaper.

What are combined endsheets?

Combined endsheets can be used directly in the cover feeder of a perfect binder, instead of a paper cover. Its use is as simple as that of a soft cover, while enabling the production of high quality hardcover books; even with perfect binding systems without a back-stripping station or cover feeder.

Processing on perfect binders in one step: Easy as a soft cover

The combination of folded endpaper with a gauze strip creates a book block with a real endpaper without much effort. For easier processing, the folded sheets are glued at the sides and are later opened during the three-page trim. Almost all perfect binders available on the market can process the combined endsheets. With PräziCover, four processing steps are eliminated: cutting the endpaper, folding, reinforcing the spine of the block, and attaching it manually. The book block can thus be finished directly with the matching book cover into a high-quality and stable hardcover book.

Combined endsheets

Combined endsheets

Combined, folded endpapers, connected with a gauze

Processing in perfect binder

Processing in perfect binder

Usage of cover feeder, like a softcover

Finished hardcover book

Finished hardcover book

After 3-side trimming and casing-in

Various end products

PräziCover is available from stock in A5 portrait and landscape, A4 portrait and landscape, in the dimensions 22 x 22 centimetres and 31 x 31 centimetres and in various spine widths (according to book block thickness). Special formats as well as coloured and printed endpapers are possible by arrangement - because of course an endpaper does not always have to be white... Our range of PräziCover combi endpapers includes light and natural white as well as dark blue, dark green, red, black and titanium grey. In future, you will also be able to obtain PräziCover endpapers in FSC quality.

We speak from experience

We have been producing the combined endsheets for more than ten years now and work closely with experienced bookbinders to ensure that the products meet the highest standards. Production takes place in Germany in a recently modernised production facility. The modernisation has increased productivity, which is also reflected in our competitive prices.

Advantages at a glance

No investment costs

No investment costs

Existing, productive equipment is used

Easy processing

Easy processing

Like softcover, in cover feeder of perfect binder

Proper book block

Proper book block

For a high quality and durable hard cover

Saving production time

Saving production time

Four processing steps are eliminated

Ideal for one-offs and small series

Ideal for one-offs and small series

e.g. photo books, book-on-demand

PräziCover as part of a hardcover Book-On-Demand production

Book-on-demand is a publication method for printed products that has been in use since the mid-1990s. It is based on digital printing technology: printing and finishing usually take place immediately after the order is placed. With our hardcover line, a standard perfect binder and combined endsheets PräziCover, it is possible to produce books on demand from 1 to 300 copies per hour. All necessary information is transferred to the machines by means of a barcode. Thus, no manual set-up is necessary and a real single run can be produced economically.

Books on Demand: A book is ordered and a book is produced. How does real on-demand book production work? What steps and machines are necessary?

We have accompanied the Book on Demand production for hardcover books at a professional producer and summarised it in this short film. If you have ever wondered how a professional Book on Demand production for hardcover books works and which products and machines are used in it, you can see this in our video. The special challenge here is to produce hardcover books from edition 1 with constantly changing formats.

Activate the subtitles for a description of the work steps.