Sturgeon glue pellets (isinglass)

for low-strain bondings

Product information "Sturgeon glue pellets (isinglass)"
This fish glue glue is characterised by its high adhesive strength and elasticity and has a lower viscosity than comparable animal glues. It has a low gelling temperature and can therefore be processed at room temperature.

Applications: book cover repair, fixing loose paint layers (book painting, oil painting, tempera

The predefined weight of the pellets facilitates the production of the glue solution as no extra glue foil needs to be weighed.
To speed up the dissolving of the glue pellets in water, cut or break them into small pieces. Heat it in a water bath to approx. 40 - 50° C.

Properties of "Sturgeon glue pellets (isinglass)"
Size: approx..3.5 cm (pellet)
Weight: approx. 0.3 g (pellet)
Adhesive properties
Adhesion: strong
Technical details
Type: animal glue
Usage: Restoring / Mending
Other properties
Category: Conservation glue, Preservation and prevention, Restoration
Ecological features: elastic
Minimum order quantity: as of 1 gr
Sales unit: 100 g
Usage: Restoring / Mending

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