We rely on strong brands in our wholesale business: these include brands such as Planatol, Neschen, Renz or English Buckram. In addition to the common, well established brands, we also carry inexpensive proprietary brands in order to offer our customers low-priced alternatives in brand quality in addition to the more expensive brand products. These include our PräTack adhesives, PräFix double-sided adhesive tapes, PräPlast tag strips, our PräziCover combined endsheets.

Our range also includes well-known brands that we have taken over and now produce ourselves. The focus is always on ensuring that no compromises are made in terms of quality and customer benefit. Examples of this are the marbling colours Ascocolor, the leather skiving tool Schärffix as well as the leather care products Maroquin. In our machine manufacturing plant in Bienenbüttel, we of course also produce our own machines, which you can find in the machines section - all recognisable by the prefix "Prä".

In any case, it is clear: whoever buys a brand product from us can be sure that it is a high-quality product and that we stand fully behind it.

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