Hot-stamping die / block

for stamping logos and motifs

Our hot foil stamping dies / blocks are made individually from high-quality brass. You can configure your individual die below and order it directly online. Simply upload the image file for the die and enter the size of the motif.


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Available, delivery time 1-2 weeks

Upload file
Maximum file size: 2mb
Image files only, ideally vectorised (.pdf, .eps, .ai, .jpg, .png)
Minimum 10mm wide
Maximum 150mm width
Minimum 10mm high
Maximum 150mm high
Item number: 66570999
Product information "Hot-stamping die / block"

Our hot foil stamping die / block is individually made from high quality brass. The overall thickness of the stamp is 7 mm, with your desired motif raised to 2 mm milling depth to achieve an impressive embossing. The hot foil stamping die can be used in a variety of ways on cloth, paper, leather and other materials to enhance your products with a fine logo, lettering or individual design. Both blind embossing (without or with transparent foil) and coloured hot foil stamping are possible with the use of the hot foil stamping die.

Notes on the configurator

We look forward to delivering your custom hot foil stamping die. Please ensure that the file you upload meets the following requirements to ensure a high quality result. A price will only be calculated once a file has been uploaded.

Hot foil stamping die file requirements:

  • The file must be uploaded online in the mask.
  • The template must meet our minimum requirements:
    • We cannot process images with shading or colour gradients. Only motifs in colour (ideally only black) on a white background are accepted. If colours are used, we treat them as fully black (i.e.: as a motif to be embossed).
    • Line thicknesses should be at least 0.2mm in the file. In addition, however, care must be taken that the gaps between elements are large enough, approx. 0.25 to 0.3 mm, so that the free areas do not run in during embossing - the gaps would then not be visible.
    • The file must be created 100% to scale. If this is not the case, the specifications for width and height of the motif must be scalable so that they can be mapped with the file.
    • We accept the following file formats: .pdf, .eps, .ai, .jpg, .png (ideally vectorised file in .pdf, .eps or .ai format) with a maximum file size of 2.0mb.
  • The hot foil stamping die you receive from us will be mirror-inverted to ensure the correct reading direction when stamping. The file must therefore be read correctly around on the screen. During the production process, the file is automatically mirrored in order to obtain a correct reading image of the embossing.

Entering the size:

  • Please enter the width and height of the motif in millimetres (mm) above.
  • Please do not add any additional bleed when ordering.
  • The maximum size for the hot foil stamping die is 150 mm x 150 mm.

Fixing the hot foil stamping die

To ensure reliable and accurate stamping, the hot foil stamping die can be attached to the block holder of the PräGnant embossing machine using a special heat-activated adhesive tape. The adhesive tape is first applied to the hot foil stamping die, which is then stuck to the holding plate. The plate is then clamped in the block holder. After the block holder, holding plate and hot foil stamping die have been heated up, the adhesive tape is activated and fixed with an embossing of approx. 10 seconds (e.g. on a cardboard). There are two ways of fixing:

  1. Permanent fixing: If you want to use the hot foil stamping die for a longer period of time or for recurring stamping, we recommend applying the heat-activated adhesive tape to the entire surface of the stamp. In this way, the stamp is firmly fixed to the holding plate and ensures a stable position during embossing.
  2. Temporary fixing: For short-term projects or the need for changing motifs, you can also cut thinner strips (approx. 3mm high) of the heat-activated adhesive tape and only stick them to the top and bottom of the hot foil stamping die. This keeps the hot foil stamping die flexible and makes it easier to change it if necessary to meet different stamping requirements. To remove the hot foil stamping die, we recommend heating it in the embosser and then removing it from the holding plate with a spatula.
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